Sara Moni // E/AZ Cosplay Judge

Sara Moni

Phoenician cosplayer that veers toward the obscure and the unsung.

Cosplaying since 2010. Phoenix based.

Marvel is my first love, so most of my costumes will be MCU and comic ones-- but DC and Image are on the horizon! Also, expect some Disney, Zelda, Sailor Moon and more! ^_^ My goal with each costume is to do something different and new that hasn't been done before, and to keep it as canon as possible. And keep it thrifty, too! At cons, I like to be able to meet and talk to attendees and have a blast causing mischief!

DeAnna Davis

DeAnna Davis

DeAnna is experienced in a number of various fields as a Costumer, Prop fabricator, Sculptor, makeup artist, model, stylist, illustrator, photographer, and graphic designer. Through combining all of these skills through the past 8 years DeAnna has used her talents to create world renoun costume designs based on characters from different video games, comics, and cartoons known as "Cosplays". Most recently was her sudden impact online as an Internet personality through outlets such as Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and YouTube DeAnna's personality took hold, in creating quarky short videos about her life, and cosplay work, that have only grown in popularity over the past few years.

Martin Wong

Martin Wong is a veteran cosplay photographer who been actively capturing cosplay over a decade. As an active member of the cosplay community, you can find him doing photoshoots with cosplayers, judging cosplay contests, or hosting panels all over the world.