Ultimate Media Ventures (UMV) launched the Battle Series initiative back in 2016 to provide the esports & gaming community a physical tournament every month without waiting for big brand or publishers dollars to help fund.  Following the same philosophy of our apparel brand ULT in supporting the local TO’s, Teams and Players with something to call their own.

Over the last 2 years Battle Series took some time off the tournament scene to re-tool and move from its Las Vegas roots to its new home here in Huntington Beach, CA.

We were, and still are, one of the only true Community Tournament Activations in North America.

This is the reason why UMV is bringing back BattleSeries in 2019 to Southern California, knowing that someone needs to support and embrace this local community with a tournament series every month.

Our new launch will have surprises from new games, new TO’S, events calendars, new streaming programming and most of all amazing sponsors who fundamentally support our same philosophy “Community 1st”.  Come hang out with Ultimate Media Ventures in 2019 and experience the local esports scene, make new friends and most of all celebrate this amazing lifestyle we call “ESPORTS”!